We, at Carey Suen Will Services Limited can help you write your Will to provide ultimate peace of mind for you and your family, and ensure that your estate is distributed as you have intended.

For a start, it is vital in Hong Kong that you officially document your instructions for Guardianship of your children/dependents if they are minors (under 18 years of age) should both parents die. If the above action is not taken, then your children/dependents could be taken into Hong Kong Government care.

Also, it is a common assumption that the surviving spouse will inherit everything on the death of the other. This is not the case.

Should you die Intestate (without a Will) in Hong Kong, your surviving spouse is only entitled to 100% of your estate if you have no children, parents or siblings. Your estate will be shared unless you write instructions.

In certain circumstances, the Hong Kong Government can inherit your estate! (You are not married and have no children, parents or siblings.)

Your instructions should be set out as if no one knows you or your assets. How would anyone understand what you have and what you want? There is no register for Wills so you need to inform your loved ones that you have written instructions.

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