Passing On Your Legacy

More important than you know, but easier than you think.

What will happen to your assets if you are no longer here?

Life is full of constant changes. Whether starting a new job, buying your first home, getting married, having children, changing jobs or moving countries, it’s important to be prepared financially in case the unthinkable happens.

You should write your will now.

No one likes to consider the idea of their own demise, but nothing is surer than death and taxes. The former we can do nothing about, but we can prepare for the latter to ensure that we provide our loved ones with peace of mind. Estate planning is critical for this.

Our experience and knowledge at Carey Suen Will Services Limited is here for you.

Your needs and those of your loved ones are important to us – but you need to act now.

During our consultation, we can ensure that you know how all of your assets globally interlink when you die and how your loved ones can achieve access at the most needed time. We can also help your estate save money by creating the right documents needed to avoid extra, needless costs.

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A will is a legal document with your written instructions on as to who to pass your assets onto. Without this, the government will decide for you with their statutory rules

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Digital Wills

What happens to your digital assets and online presence when you die? Generally, we are the only ones with the password letting your loved ones know your log-in details when needed is important.

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Estate Planning - Cross Border Planning

Cross Border Planning

Cross border-planning is vital for these reasons:

  • You have a spouse from a different country
  • Your children were born in different countries
  • You have assets in different countries
  • You intend to retire in a different country

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Trusts are an ideal structure to hand over assets immediately to named beneficiaries therefore save time and additional costs. 

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Estate Planning - Company Protection

Company Protection

Losing an owner, shareholder or a key person who plays a fundamental role in the operation and growth of your business could have a devastating impact on your business.

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Estate Planning - UK Citizens

UK Citizens

If you were born in the UK and still hold a British passport, you need to read this! Everyone is UK Domicile, which means that your global assets are assessed for Inheritance Tax when you die. You can create a Domicile of Choice over time to mitigate overseas assets from being assessed.

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HK does not have orphanages so should something happen to both parents of a minor, foster parents would look after them until permanent guardians are nominated.

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Estate Planning - Civil Partnership

Civil Partnerships

Are your assets are in a country that don’t acknowledge your lifetime partnership? If you don’t have a will, anything that is in your sole name would not be distributed to your spouse.

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Annette is amazing ! She just helped a dear friend’s family (who had to come up from the States) so much, as it is a nightmare here in Hong Kong when someone dies.

Nina Flath-Christie

Nobody ever wants to write a will, but Annette made the process easy. Annette is very detail oriented, asked the right questions, and has helped give me peace of mind for the future

Robert Dacho

CSW was incredibly friendly and approachable in helping write our wills and guardianship. I feel very comfortable that my family will have all the information they need when the time comes.

Lucas Renzi

We were daunted by the prospect of writing our will, but Annette made it easy and comfortable to complete our wills, finally.

John and Sue Lodge

Great Service that is on time per agreed time schedule. Annette was always willing to work around my time frame.

Holly Sims

We finally managed to write our wills and guardianship documents with the help of Annette at Carey Suen Will Services. Annette helped make the process easy to understand.

Jamie and Paul Sutton

Annette’s advice was given in a manner that was easily understood and made the process simpler to put in place. Thank you for your help

Simon and Katy Chu

Carey Suen Will Services could not have been easier to work with and we would recommend them to anyone wanting estate planning advice.

Sean and Alice Johnston

Effective, responsible and knowledgeable. I have only good things to say about Carey Suen Will Services and their ability to get things done in a timely manner.

Jack and Louise Carter


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Topic Tuesday – Why use Will Services?

Topic Tuesday – Why use Will Services?

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The second story I wanted to tell was about the dual power of a living (what I call Family) trust and a will combined. Peter* (not real name) was married to a lady from the Philippines Mary* and as Mary had 2 daughters from a previous marriage who Peter* had cared for...

FREAKY FRIDAY  – Dying without instructions

FREAKY FRIDAY – Dying without instructions

  This is the first of a series of cautionary tales about not having the right documents in place should you die or become incapacitated prematurely. My friend, *John*, was from Australia and owned a business in Hong Kong with fellow shareholders. He was the same...

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