Trusts have many different forms and functions.
There are many types of trusts; however, there are two categories: living and testamentary.


Living Trust – Like a will, a living trust will require you to transfer property after death to loved ones. It is called a living trust because it is created while the property owner, or trustor, is alive. However, unlike a will, a living trust passes property outside of probate court. There are no court or attorney fees after the trust is established. 

Your property can pass immediately and directly to your named beneficiaries whenever needed.


Testamentary Trust is a trust that you create instructions from your will. You name a trustee (person in charge) and conditions that beneficiaries inherit. A testamentary trust does not avoid probate as it would be created upon your will instructions.

 You can create wealth management from the grave by leaving more explicit instructions than in your will.


Benefits of Trust

  1. Managing assets.
  2. Protecting assets.
  3. Controlling distributions.
  4. Providing privacy.
  5. Avoiding compulsory succession.
  6. Multiplying tax exemptions.
  7. Saving taxes.
  8. Preserving disability benefits.
  9. Helping charity.
The clearer your instructions, the faster it is to pass your assets to your loved ones, and the less costly to your estate. Your loved ones must pay bills pre-distribution of assets.

Other Services

Estate Planning

Everyone has possessions they will leave behind when they die and should make provisions for how they want these to be distributed.


Without a Will, the Court of Probate makes decisions on your behalf –  the risk being your possessions will not be distributed as you would like.

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Power of Attorney

You choose who makes decisions, in keeping with your preferences, for the handling of your medical care, assets, and investments.


Ideally, guardians should be appointed in a Will and a Deed, giving them immediate access to take charge of the care of children.

Digital Wills

Manage the fate of your online presence and assets in one document without having to make arrangements with each site.

Cross-Border Planning

It is important to consider your overall tax status when you marry or move to another country or invest in an asset away from home.

Company Protection

The company should consider how it would financially replace its key person if this person were to die or become incapacitated.

UK Citizens

Special rules apply to the calculation of inheritance tax on the global assets of UK passport holders who live outside the UK.

We specialize in a diverse set of bespoke wealth management solutions meant to protect you and your assets from both the uncertainties and eventualities of life. Our services include:

  • Helping you stay in charge of what happens to your possession when you die.
  • Ensuring your beneficiaries (especially those most vulnerable) are taken care of.
  • Catering to the tax concerns of UK citizens who live abroad as well as those with international family ties or investments
  • Helping you secure your digital property in an increasingly digital world.
  • Providing advice and solutions for leader replacement in cases of retirement or death.
  • Ensuring someone is assigned to carry out your wishes in the event you are unable to do so.

All of our processes require an in-depth knowledge of the laws and taxes applicable locally and globally.

They also require the flexibility to create unique solutions that cater to the specific situations and scenarios our clients bring to us.