There are very few documents more important than your Will because it secures the future of your assets after you pass away for your loved ones. For that reason, we prioritise efficiency and professionalism when creating Wills and estate plans, and after your free consultation, we can have your document finalised in under a week.

We can deal many queries over the telephone but if you prefer to deal with sensitive matters face to face, we will still be able to help. We can visit you to write your Will at home, work or even in hospital, at a time that suits you – initial appointments are free, even if you need to make an evening appointment.

With our knowledge and experience, we help our clients to plan for the future, build wealth and protect the things that are most valuable to them.

This advice is tailor-made to suit your own personal requirements. People often live in similar situations but rarely the same so your estate plan would be specific to your family situation, whether you have children in a blended family, or dependant relatives, or have assets in different parts of the world, or worried about death taxes… the list can go on.

From experience our process would go as follows:-

  • We meet you, then establish your current situation and what you want for the future, for your beneficiaries and efficient distribution of your estate.
  • We send you a questionnaire to consider your Will contents
  • When you have provided the details for your Will, we will send you a draft for consideration.
  • Once you have read and confirmed the draft (and any revisions) we arrange to meet again to finalise your signature, date and two witness signatures.

The time is entirely up to you.

Even if you intend to create other documents such as a living trust or anticipate a lifestyle change such as marriage, you can write your Will in lieu of this.

We want to make your experience as easy and anxiety free as possible so feel free to contact us, you are under no obligation.