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Unlike lawyers, we don’t charge an hourly rate. Our costs and fees can vary according to your circumstances, although we do have guidelines.

Additionally. all of our services include whatever time and advice are needed to make the process easier for you to create your estate plan.

Above all, we would be happy to help you create the proper documents based on your requirements.


What it does

Cost (US$)

Single Will Having a Will is essential if you are single to ensure that your Estate is passed on according to your wishes. By leaving a Will, you confirm that your Estate will not pass through the government-chosen channels, ending up in the hands of someone you did not choose. $800 – $1200
Mirror Will A Mirror Will is two Wills, usually created by partners or married couples. The two Wills typically name each partner as the primary beneficiary of the other partner’s estate. It allows equal distribution of your overall estate. $1200 – $1500
Testamentary Trust (will trust) Testamentary trusts are established by the instructions contained in a will. Beliefs function based on fiduciary relationships, where a trustee manages assets on behalf of beneficiaries. $750
Living Will / Health Proxy (Advanced Directive) A living will provide information about patients’ wishes for medical care if they can no longer express informed consent, such as a health care advance directive. $600
Additional Jurisdictions Many countries have the same legal system (usually civil or common law), but their probate systems differ, so it is wise to have a will for each country you hold assets in. $250 – $300
Legal Guardianship To ensure that the guardianship of your children is handled directly, rather than waiting for the courts to permit your will, you should draft a Deed of Guardianship. $400
Power of Attorney (General) A General Power of Attorney gives another person the power to manage a person’s assets and financial affairs while their principal is alive. $600
Power of Attorney (Enduring or Lasting) In law, an enduring power of attorney (EPA*) is an authorisation to act legally and financially on behalf of someone else. EPAs can be used to manage the affairs of people who have lost their capacity to work for themselves, which is different from other forms of power of attorney. *Other terms, such as durable or lasting power of attorney, may apply to certain countries. $600
Shareholder Agreement In a shareholders’ agreement, the business, as well as its owners, are protected. It ensures everyone is treated fairly. Should a shareholder die or become incapacitated, it allows the company to continue whilst ensuring the departing shareholder’s value is honoured. $2,000 – $3,000
Family Trust (living) Reducing estate taxes, Protecting minor children, Saving your grown-up kids from themselves, Keeping your assets in the family, and Avoiding probate are some practical reasons to consider a living trust. $750 – $5,000

.If your estate plan requires multiple documents, we can negotiate a better rate for you.

You save money this way.  Please don’t be shy to ask us.


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