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When it comes to family, it’s crucial to plan for the unexpected to ensure their financial security and well-being in your absence.

Estate Planning Solutions that Work

We take your specific estate planning goals into consideration and use our wealth of knowledge about the processes involved in international estate planning to ensure the results you want are achieved.

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    About Carey Suen’s Estate Planning Solutions

    Carey Suen is an established estate planning consultancy company specializing in estate planning, wills and trusts, enduring power of attorney, and legal guardianship.

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    Enjoy the Lifestyle You Deserve

    The team at Carey Suen has all the requisite features of a consultancy dedicated to smooth and effective international estate planning. We offer you:

    • Knowledgeable EP experts with many years of experience in the industry.
    • A tailored approach that makes the process easy and understandable.
    • Cost-effective pricing that is among the most competitive in the market.
    • Plus, we are highly recommended by our clients – from larger estates to smaller family estates.

    Complete Succession Planning Support

    Carey Suen helps individuals and families from all over the world with their estate planning needs.

    We offer a variety of international estate planning services under one roof, saving you time and making the overall process easier.

    Our services include consultations and information to explain the process that occurs when you die or are incapacitated for the long run. Our aim is to help you create a structure that supports your needs for the long run and allows you to keep a higher net worth in your estate.

    Our Estate Planning Services

    Founder & Managing Director

    With a background in accounting, Annette began her career in numbers and joined the Financial Services sector in 1986. This gave her the opportunity to assist people with managing money, protecting assets, and building for the future. She was offered a position in Hong Kong in 1995 to work with numerous people worldwide and she has since become a successful international estate planner and financial planner.

    Solutions for Every Need

    Our services cover a wide range – from our standard international estate planning solutions to multifaceted strategies tailored for situations involving business assets, marriage outside of your home country, the need for special medical care, and much more. No matter the intricacies of your business or family situation, our experienced team has seen it all and is ready to use its expertise to find the right solution for you.

    Estate Planning Made Easy and Seamless

    When most people hear the term "estate planning", images of the Monopoly Man likely come to mind. Of course, the wealthy are commonly associated with the estate planning process because they know how to benefit from a complex web of laws that enable them to leave their assets to future generations most efficiently (and with the least tax burden).

    But estate planning is much more than trust funds and inherited wealth. A comprehensive estate plan can benefit practically anyone--from instructing family members who should take over your company to gifting assets in bank accounts in the event of the untimely death or disability of the parents to ensuring that one's medical wishes are followed.


    At Carey Suen, we measure the success of our consultancy by the success of our clients, whom we have seen flourish over the years with international estate planning and wealth management solutions created by us. Our clients have benefited greatly from our ability to bring together the right team of financial planning professionals dedicated to protecting and preserving their legacy.

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    Time saved by planning.

    Average time to write a will

    Annette is amazing ! She just helped a dear friend’s family (who had to come up from the States) so much, as it is a nightmare here in Hong Kong when someone dies.

    Nina Flath-Christie

    Nobody ever wants to write a will, but Annette made the process easy. Annette is very detail oriented, asked the right questions, and has helped give me peace of mind for the future

    Robert Dacho

    CSW was incredibly friendly and approachable in helping write our wills and guardianship. I feel very comfortable that my family will have all the information they need when the time comes.

    Lucas Renzi

    We were daunted by the prospect of writing our will, but Annette made it easy and comfortable to complete our wills, finally.

    John and Sue Lodge

    Great Service that is on time per agreed time schedule. Annette was always willing to work around my time frame.

    Holly Sims

    We finally managed to write our wills and guardianship documents with the help of Annette at Carey Suen Will Services. Annette helped make the process easy to understand.

    Jamie and Paul Sutton

    Annette’s advice was given in a manner that was easily understood and made the process simpler to put in place. Thank you for your help

    Simon and Katy Chu

    Annette’s advice was given in a manner that was easily understood and made the process simpler to put in place. Thank you for your help

    Simon and Katy Chu

    Carey Suen Will Services could not have been easier to work with and we would recommend them to anyone wanting estate planning advice.

    Sean and Alice Johnston

    Effective, responsible and knowledgeable. I have only good things to say about Carey Suen Will Services and their ability to get things done in a timely manner.

    Jack and Louise Carter