Do you know what a Will is and what it does?

Very often we are conflicted with what we should put in our Will and who to include in our Family Trust.

  • Should I choose my spouse as the Executor or would she/he be too grief-stricken to handle my estate efficiently? Does the Executor have to be in the same country?
  • At what age should my children inherit? Does this restrict their maintenance costs? Can I break down my estate to give them in parts over the years?

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  • Who should look after my children for the long-term? Where should this be?
  • Who should I trust to execute my estate including the maintenance of my children?
  • What happens to my other assets in a different country?
  • What about my personal chattels such as my engagement ring or my grandfathers’ watch?
  • Who would look after my pet/s?
  • How do I ensure that my favourite charity receives?

At Carey Suen Will Services Limited we offer an initial consultation free of charge to help you understand how your estate plan should look, and who to take into consideration; and how to avoid any conflicts in the future.

By the end of the consultation, you would understand your own considerations for your own estate plan, and the costs for achieving your own peace of mind.