"The UK tax office (HMRC) took in £397m in April 2015, far above the £260m monthly average for the last 10 years. Additionally, in the three months to the end of May 2015 HMRC took in £1bn of inheritance tax payments, the highest three month amount since 2007" ... International Advisor

Are you aware of your own liabilities, if any; and more importantly, how to remove or mitigate them?

The UK Domicile trap is the key to understanding your own situation! Even though you may have been out of the UK for some time, and removed your residency, it does not mean that you have removed your domicile or achieved a new one.

If you are UK Domicile, your GLOBAL assets are taken into account when you die and a levy is applied at 40% less your allowance of a measly GBP325,000 as a single person.

This is an avoidable tax.