We offer Cross-Border Planning which includes mixed nationality spouses and overseas ownership of assets. Very often this area of planning comprises tax integration and/or mitigation. 

When we marry or move to another country or invest in an asset away from home, we rarely consider the overall tax status that we put ourselves in. Also, as expatriates, our lifestyle can change our children’s future path; their best friends at school may not be the same nationality, our friends are from different cultures and backgrounds and lot of us have lived in different countries throughout our career. Maybe we will go home, maybe not? 

All of this can complicate our financial planning:

  • Does my spouse’s nationality have an effect on my current or future tax status? Is there an agreement between the countries involved? Will we pay double taxes?
  • Where will we live? What does this do for residency taxes? Does this change our domicile and put us back into the threat of death duties? Are your heirs liable to taxes upon inheritance? 
  • Where will we educate our children? Where will they go for further education? Will this be overseas? What is the cost of living? How much are the fees?
  • Where shall we retire? How will this affect our income and taxes? Can assets be mitigated against taxes? How much will I need to live off?
  • What happens to my wealth if I pass away prematurely? How will my loved ones inherit if my assets are all over the globe? Who will look after my wealth for my children?

Planning is the key! 

Organisation, provision and preparation for events that may occur in the future will give you more choices and provide you with peace of mind in what you are trying to achieve.

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